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About Ralphs Surf Shack


About Ralph's Surf Shack

Welcome to the wonderful world of Ralph’s Surf Shack – The Number One Kingswinford Hang Out Since 2000

Ralphssurfshack.co.uk (RSS) started off back in 2000 as a very basic site allowing a few friends, all originating from Kingswinford, to keep in contact with each other on a daily basis. As these pals also had various alternative Kingswinford photos and stories we thought it would be a good idea to share this information via a website for all Kingswinford residents to enjoy.

Word quickly got around and since the formation of RSS we have regularly enjoyed around 150,000 hits per month. To put this into perspective there are various online communities who boast in excess of 25,000 users (the entire population of Kingswinford) yet receive far fewer browsers.

Since April 2004 RSS has moved away from the basic website style, creating a user-friendly entertaining environment allowing users to post messages, create polls and even shop online. Updates were made in 2008 creating addition features and an even-more enjoyable browser experience. Our latest instalment – The RSS Social Portal – has been developed to embrace the latest social media phenomenon whilst offering unlimited access from an array of mobile browsing devices. If you have missed any of Ralphy’s previous work don’t panic! You can still access it from an Adobe Flash enabled browser by simply clicking the link found on the new homepage. Plus! There’s a ‘shed’ load more to come! RSS will continually adapt to future web trends with the number 1 target of promoting our great town via the ever-expanding World Wide Web.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!

A question we are regularly asked is ‘Who is Ralphy?’. Well, Ralph was Kingswinford Park’s (King George VI’s) keeper for many years.

He cut the grass, picked up litter and pruned hedges making sure that the park always was in tip-top condition.

Generally a nice guy who loved nothing more than to puff on a Park Drive, but when crossed he had the temper of a castrated bulldog (I once had my hair pulled by the main man for throwing chip papers onto his beautifully kept bowling green. Brought tears to my eyes like never before). For a brief time in the 80s, Ralphy, much to his bemusement, experienced fame like no one before. Everybody wanted to invite Ralphy to their party, have their photograph taken with him or light his cigarette. This all came to rather an abrupt end after he began to claim that his hoes had started taking advantage of him when alone in his tool shed. To this day, the reason of Ralphy’s meteoric rise to fame remains a mystery.

Sadly Ralph passed away from our physical world in 2002 but be rest assured his spirit lives on in the form of this website. Hope you enjoy the many features of RSS and please continue to spread the word.

All the best,

Ralph Meister General


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